• Great Britain, London
  • Born in:1987
  • Assistant since:2011
  • Driving licence:no driving licence
  • Personal car:no personal car
  • Passport:yes
  • Languages:English

Photo Assistant, Digital Tech

Neil Bennett

People, Portrait, Location Scout, Fashion, Beauty, Reportage, Stillife, Food, Landscape, Transportation, International Exp.

Know How:

Seasoned Digital Technician and Assistant Photographer with more than 7 years of experience in fast-paced Photography.

References as assistant / Career

2013-2019 Rankin Photography, Digital Technician
2011-2013 Provision Studios, Digital Technician
2011-2013 Prolighting, Lighting Assistant
2008-2011 Manchester School of Arts, BA Fine Art: Interactive Arts

Rankin, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Adi Admoni, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Trisha Ward, Digital Photo Tech, more than 1 year
Till Janz, Digital Photo Tech, 1-5 jobs
Ewen Spencer, Digital Photo Tech, 1-5 jobs


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