Terms and conditions


How much does the inscription cost?
The inscription is free in most of the countries (except Germany and France). If you go for a fee-based premium inscription, you can find the current prices for your country under “Register”.

How can I renew or cancel a free inscription?
Your free inscription will be automatically cancelled after 365 days if you do not log in to your personal account within the year. 
It is possible to cancel or terminate your inscription before the expiration of 365 days, simply by sending us an email to mail@photoassistant.com or by clicking on "delete my account" in your personal account.

How can I delete or cancel my fee-based inscription?
You can cancel your inscription without notice, simply by logging in and deleting your inscription. No invoiced amount will be refunded.
You can also cancel your inscription by sending us a letter or an email or call us (photoassistant - an den hubertshäusern 1c - 14129 berlin - mail@photoassistant.com ). The addresses can be found in the terms and conditions.

When will the fee-based inscription be renewed?
A fee-based inscription will be automatically renewed each year after the expiry of the selected contract, unless you cancel the inscription within the contract period or send a notice by mail or email.

What is the “mail to all” and how do I get these messages?
This function has been designed for photographers who want to offer their services and for everyone who knows about an offer and wants to communicate it to the other assistants. You will only get these mails if you booked a fee-based inscription.

What about my personal data?

The passing of your personal data on third parties is not allowed. The fee-paying data transfer overseas is on the country’s version of the page SSL encrypted.

Terms of Use

1. Scope of the General Terms and Conditions
The use of the online portal under the domains www.photoassistant.com, www.photoassistant.co.uk, www.assistantsphoto.com, fotoassistent.de, fotoassistent.at, fotoassistent.ch (portal cited here) and all the pages redirecting to this portal are exclusively subject to the following terms of use. The terms of our users and customers do not apply.
These terms and conditions can be changed. Changes will be notified by email. If the user does not contest the change within 14 days after taking effect in writing to the address given in the terms and conditions, the change shall be deemed approved. The full text of the applicable terms can be found on the website.

2. Headquarters
The portal has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. As a result, only German law shall apply, the place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

3. The portal


The portal provides a mediation platform for full time photo assistants in the photographic field, in the countries and languages listed on the website. 
The creation of a profile (inscription) is available in both free and fee-based forms. As for the fee-based inscription, the volume and prices for each country can be found under “register for free”.
User obligations
While creating his profile, the user agrees to give truthful data, a valid email address, and valid bank details and to inform us immediately about any change by entering the new data under “My data”. Costs due to faulty entries are at the expense of the user. He confirmes to register as a full time professional photo assistant only. The user may only use references such as images for which he has a copyright.


The user himself can anytime delete his inscription on his personal account. It will then be considered as cancellation. If the fee-based inscription is being deleted within the contract period, no invoiced amount will be refunded. A free inscription will automatically be deleted after 365 days.

It is impossible to interrupt the contract.

Prohibited acts
The user may only use his inscription to represent himself and his qualifications, any form of advertising, representation of or link to racist, abusive, threatening, harassing or pornographic content, and other improper uses are forbidden.
The user let the portal shuffle off any responsibility concerning any third party claim and defense costs and penalties resulting from a breach of the above requirements or other statutory prohibitions.
The user is not allowed to harm trademark, name or personal rights by the choice of his username or to use an offensive username.
In case of breach, the inscription will be deleted without refund of contributions.

4. Mail to all
The “mail to all” is a free service for the spread of job offers. It is impossible for a user to demand that a “mail to all” be sent; the portal is the only one deciding on the recipients, amount and time of sending.

5. Blog

6. Provision, changes, copyright, unlawful acts, security
There is no entitlement to a permanent provision of the functions and design. A change in the prices of inscription is possible. There is no entitlement to a permanent free inscription.
All graphics, images, logos and sounds are copyrighted and may not be used.
The portal works, to an economically reasonable extent, to protect the date from unauthorized changes, damages, destruction and unauthorized access.

7. Severability
Should any provision of this contract turn to be in whole or in part invalid or unenforceable, or will become invalid or unenforceable as a result of changes in legislation after the making of the contract, the remaining provisions and the validity of the contract shall remain by and large unaffected.
Invalid and unenforceable dispositions will be replaced by valid and enforceable dispositions that come the sense and purpose of the invalid provision as closely as possible.
If the contract is found to be incomplete, the rules stipulated are the ones that correspond to the sense and purpose of the contract and that, if taken into consideration, would have been stipulated.

As of November 2017

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